The version 4.0 Wildlife Strike Website and Database is postponed.

We commit that when version 4.0 is released, it will be as good or better than the existing system for all users.

There is no change in the ability to search data online.

June 2016 data has been posted.

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FAA Wildlife Strike Database

The FAA Wildlife Strike Database contains records of reported wildlife strikes since 1990. Strike reporting is voluntary. Therefore, this database only represents the information we have received from airlines, airports, pilots, and other sources.

For additional information, please visit the FAA Wildlife Hazard Mitigation Program site.

The annual bird strike report for 2016 titled, "Annual Report: Wildlife Strikes to Civil Aircraft in the United States (1990-2015)", is now available. This report presents a summary analysis of data from the National Wildlife Strike Database for the 25-year period 1990 through 2015.

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